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Backtagging: I am the World's Slowest Tagger myself, so yes, I love backtagging. Backtagging and I are old friends. You can tag me back a month later, I really won't mind.
Threadhopping: I don't know if this is meant to apply to people hopping into my thread in someone else's post or someone else's thread in my post, but either way, sure, knock yourself out.
Fourthwalling: I understand it's discouraged in Rakuen anyway? There is an extent to which talking about her canon as though it were fiction/a fairytale with archetypes and metaphors wouldn't faze her because the canon already talks about itself that way, but flat-out going "oh you're that chick from that '90s anime" would be weirder for her and less fun for me outside of a purely cracky setting. If... that makes sense.


Hugging this character: Sure, though she's not especially touchy-feely, so in most contexts it's just going to be awkward.
Kissing this character: See above.
Flirting with this character: Sure! If you're a girl, she may even flirt back.

Fighting with this character: Goodness no, heavens forbid that a character from a canon centered around dueling in a game centered around dueling should get into any fights.
Injuring this character: I assume this will happen in the course of duels every now and then, though of course if it's anything serious I'd want to discuss it beforehand!
Killing this character: I'm open to it, but again, with prior planning/discussion and probably not without good plot-related/dramatic reasons.

Re: Weapons, any Weapon she's paired with can assume they have all default permissions unless told otherwise. She's not one to go around being outraged at the injustice of the system (it's almost normal for her, anyway), but she's not going to be a dick for the sake of being a dick, you know?
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I feel like there's an Akiocar joke to be made here, but I just can't think what it is.

Anyway, you know the drill—let me know how I'm doing and if anything could be improved.
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Name: Xen
Journal: [personal profile] xenoglossy
Contact information: [AIM] amusedpenguin; [plurk] [plurk.com profile] literaryreference
Other characters: n/a
Do you need an invite code? n/a
Do you want a buddy? I'm okay, thanks!


Name: Juri Arisugawa
Age: 15-16
Canon: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Canon point: Post-series

At first glance, Juri looks like a calm, mature individual who's really got it all together. Athletic, stylish, and rather aloof, she's the captain of the fencing team and a member of the elite Student Council. She has a fancy and expensive (yet tasteful) wardrobe and an air of class and elegance without trying too hard. The other students might be rather intimidated by her, but they admire her, too. While she may not have close friends, she does have something of a big-sisterly attitude towards some of the younger students, dispensing advice and encouragement (and occasional teasing). The teachers find her helpful and responsible. And in the face of the ridiculous shenanigans that seem to crop up all the time at Ohtori, she usually keeps her cool, often watching from the sidelines with mild (though not malicious) amusement.

Dig past this surface, however, and you will hit a solid core of Issues. Most of these issues revolve around a girl named Shiori, for whom Juri has long nursed a borderline-obsessive grudge/crush. Shiori, once a close friend of Juri's, convinced Juri to believe in miracles, particularly that if you love someone enough they'll understand and return your feelings. Then she went and proved herself wrong by going off and dating a mutual male friend, cheerfully oblivious to Juri's feelings towards her. Overwhelmed with jealousy, Juri became bitter and jaded, unable to either forgive Shiori or forget her. Even once Shiori reveals that she never really cared for Juri and that she trampled on Juri's heart on purpose because she enjoyed the power trip, Juri is still unable to move on.

So Juri's calm, self-confident air is mostly an act. Though much of the time she seems unflappable, when something touches a nerve, she explodes into surprising—and sometimes violent—anger. Her bitterness and rage have also consumed any higher ideals she once had: while the other duellists are fighting for the power to "revolutionize the world", to bring about miracles or to find something eternal, Juri claims to be fighting to prove that none of that is real or possible. Miracles don't exist, after all. And even if they did, Juri wouldn't want one because miracles are stupid and those grapes were probably sour anyway. Really! (Though it's rather obvious that she's protesting too much about this. She may be good at putting on a cool facade for strangers, casual acquaintances, and distant admirers, but once you get to know her a bit, she's not so hard to read after all.)

Over the course of the series, Juri does make progress on this. She is friendlier than she used to be—more casual, less aloof, more willing to open up to people. She's also starting to let go of Shiori and flirt a bit with other girls. But of course, long-standing Issues don't vanish overnight, so this is very much an ongoing process.

Name: Clarion Call

Form: A sword—light, one-handed, and intended for dueling. It looks like this.

  • Rose Duel
  • Agility boost
  • Light Element
  • Offense boost
  • Sacrificed Heart

Lost memories:
  • How she lost the locket with Shiori's picture in it
  • What happened to Ruka
  • Who Utena is
  • What Shiori said to her before pulling that sword out of her chest
  • How to do her hair in those curls
  • How to bowl
  • How elevators work
  • How to recognize designer brands
  • That curry isn't usually dangerous
  • How old she is

Here's a meme comment leading to two separate threads; let me know if you need more.


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